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The New 8% Rule for the UFC

14 Apr

New regulations were recently reported on that the UFC is now requiring fighters to be within 8% of their fight weight when they check in for fight week. That’s 3-4 days prior to their fight.



The new regulations were designed to keep fighters safe from extreme weight cutting. It is now more important for fighters to lose weight in a healthy way before the fight. It does raise some interesting questions, however. Many of us are wondering if this will encourage fighters to drop weight just for check-in, then rehydrate and proceed to cut again for the fight and what about the last minute fighters that get called in to fight?

The article first reporting the 8% rule said that if a fighter doesn’t make this at check-in, they aren’t automatically disqualified. Instead, they will be carefully monitored to check their vitals and hydration to ensure their safety.

We will see how this affects the fighters and their performance in the upcoming UFC 200. Until then, it’s important for fighters to pay attention to their nutrition and lose weight in a healthy way.